VISITORS will be able to come to The Edinburgh Dungeon for FREE next week if they have one of these two names.

The popular attraction will be marking the 750th birthday of the legendary Scottish King Robert the Bruce in a new seasonal show centred around the iconic figure.

On the week of the medieval king's birthday, July 8 to July 14, the first 750 people with the names Robert or Bruce will gain free entry to the popular attraction.

King Robert the Bruce is well-known for his leadership at the Battle of Bannockburn where the Scots secured a decisive victory over the English army led by King Edward II.

Roberts and Bruces can come to the Edinburgh Dungeons for free next week

Promoting the brand new show coming to Scotland's capital, the Edinburgh Dungeons said: "After the death of King Robert the Bruce in 1329, his body was laid to rest in Dunfermline Abbey. Nearly 500 years later after a building collapsed, the fragile bones of the once mighty King have been exposed and every Scot worth their salt wants to see the guardian of Scotland in his resting place.

"Guests will be transported back to 1819 where an entrepreneurial grave keeper has been selling cheap tickets to view the once brave King, yet all is not as it seems. Experience the terror and thrill at The Edinburgh Dungeon as King Robert the Bruce is awoken from the dead!"

Lee Phillips, General Manager at The Edinburgh Dungeon, said: “We can’t wait to offer (un)lucky peasants’ free entry to celebrate Robert the Bruce’s birthday. Robert was undoubtedly a Scottish hero, leading Scotland during the first war of Scottish Independence against England. 

“As the national hero celebrates his 750th birthday, we thought what better way to honour him than with a brand new seasonal show, as well as a frightfully good deal in celebration of Scotland’s most revered hero, if your name is Robert or Bruce, you’re in for a terrifying treat!” 

The Edinburgh Dungeon offer will be available between July 8 and July 14.