RESIDENTS concerned over the future of a Hillfoots play park are continuing their campaign, having heard plans for a development at the site.

People behind the campaign at Bards Way in Tillicoultry heard details of plans to expand and renew the play park and also to build a family home there.

However, the plans by fellow townswoman Gail Morrison were met with opposition following the meeting last month.

It comes after residents raised concern that the land covering the play area and green space was to be auctioned off for development.

As previously reported by the Advertiser, residents around Bards Way were under the impression that the green space was adopted by the council under a Section 75 agreement – an obligation commonly placed on developers as part of the planning process.

It is understood the plans by Gail Morrison, who purchased the land and has a background in children's play, would entail and inclusive play facility that would expand the park.

In an online petition gathering support for the development, Ms Morrison said the play park would be expanded to 10 times its current size.

The rest of the land would be used for a family home and she insisted the plan for the park does not depend on the house getting built.

A spokesperson for the Bards Way residents told the Advertiser they believed the park was of a size appropriate to the community it serves on nearby developments, which are in a safe walking distance without the need to cross major roads.

They explained the building of a home would require modification to the Section 75 agreement and would take away a “valuable area of green space”.

The spokesperson added: “I believe that it is important that the agreement is not modified as this defeats the purpose of the agreement and potentially sets a precedent that could lead to a flood of other applications to modify similar agreements that are in place in Clackmannanshire and elsewhere in Scotland.”

It is legally possible to modify or even remove such agreements via an application to a council's planning department.

Gail Morrison, who works in the field of mental health and is passionate about outdoor play, told the Advertiser: “As a born and bred Tillicoultry resident, I can sympathise that the Bards Way residents are wary of change and of a development that may be perceived as ruining green space.

“But, the estate is surrounded by Ochil Hills to the north, forest to the east and open fields to the south therefore it is my opinion that the building of one house does not constitute a loss of valuable open space, which is currently under used, and, in fact, should enhance it by creating a park that is 10 times bigger than it is just now.

“Simply put, I am a local mum just looking to build a family home and I hope that what I give back to the community in terms of land, time and money would far outweigh what was being lost.”

Ultimately, the proposals will be a matter for the council's planning department to consider.