A CLACKS MP has spoken out against an online poll, which has branded Alloa one of “the most soul-destroying” places in Scotland.

The poll, operated by iLiveHere.com, asked users to vote for the most depressing place across the UK, with Alloa currently sitting second in the Scottish rankings, with only Aberdeen ahead of them.

Now, John Nicolson, MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, has put shame to the poll and released a statement defending Alloa.

“I love Alloa,” Mr Nicolson said. “With its cute wynds, grand merchant houses, and majestic civic architecture, it is a sometimes-overlooked wee gem.

“Like any fine gem, Alloa could benefit from a polish too at the hands of the descendants of the skills craftsmen who built and enhanced it.

“Aside from the fact this poll is mean-spirited, it is also nonsensical as anyone who lives in or visits the town can attest.”

Mr Nicolson went on to list his top five favourite things about Alloa and encouraged anyone else to drop him a line with their favourites.

Commenting on the town, he singled out the shopkeepers, the public art, the wagonway, the charitable community and last but not least the pubs as being stand out highlights of Alloa.

“I love hitting the High Street at lunchtime as do my team,” he continued. “The fresh food and good chat at Café and the Sandwich club provide the goods.

“The great pair at Syriana and the amazing Anna’s Larder. These shops are all Alloa institutions, the produce is outstanding.

“Alloa got in early when it came to the artwork of Andy Scott. He made all six of the remarkable roundabout sculptures in and around Alloa. Alloa is lucky to have them.

“The historic footpath offers just the absolute best views from its foot, over the Firth of Forth, and at points all along its route such as the Auchinbaird windmill.

“There is an incredible sense of solidarity in Alloa. None of us are blind to the difficulties that poverty, isolation and ill health can bring.

“But as severe as these challenges are, there are many good people here who devote their time to helping their neighbours.

“The Wee County Veterans, for example, bring veterans together to socialise. The Men’s Shed do outstanding work in the community, and then there’s Jayne Linfield who works between Morrisons Supermarket and Wasps Community Club.

“They all contribute and deserve our gratitude.

“The wider Alloa area has a bevvy of good options to enjoy a pint or glass in Alloa.

“We all have our preferred spots for a wee tincture. But in any of them, we can raise a drink to this fine town.”