A GROUP of concerned parents are calling for the speed limit outside a Clacks nursery to be reduced amid fears of a serious accident.

One parent reported said her child was narrowly missed by a lorry driving down Main Street in Sauchie, outside the Sauchie Early Learning Centre.

This has prompted parents to ask Clackmannanshire Council to reduce the speed limit outside the ELC.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Claire Williams, who is attempting to start a movement to get motorists to slow down, explained she has seen an increase in dangerous driving in the area.

She said: “While attempting to cross the road immediately outside the nursery last week, an HGV had to apply his brakes very sharply to avoid hitting my child, myself and several other toddlers with their parents, while crossing the designated crossing point.

“This is by no means an isolated incident, but one that appears to be happening on a daily basis.

“The strong feeling is that there is an imminent risk to pedestrians and children through the lack of control measures in place to reduce the speed limit from 30 miles per hour to 20mph.

“We collectively request that the area becomes subject to the same 20mph limit that all other schools and nurseries are afforded.”

Claire reported these incidents to Clackmannanshire Council and said the change would bring the road in line with speed limits in towns and villages across the country, which were brought down to 20 miles per hour from January 2023.

Concerns had been raised in Clackmannanshire about dangerous driving on the roads in other villages, particularly in Fishcross, where it seemed many drivers ignored the speed limit.

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The council told the Advertiser that they have plans to lower the speed limit to 20mph in Sauchie.

A spokesperson confirmed: “A 20 mile per hour limit is planned for this area.

“Before it is introduced, a statutory process must take place, and this is underway.

“Once this is complete, we hope to start the introduction of the zone in the coming months.”