CONSULTATION for the permanent relocation of St Mungo’s RC Primary to Alloa Academy is now officially open.

As previously reported in the Advertiser, councillors discussed launching a consultation for Alloa Academy to continue hosting the Catholic school.

This has been the agreement in place since 2018, after concerns over damp forced the school to be moved.

Clackmannanshire Council has now considered options for the future of the school and have opted to open a consultation phase with the public over the desired option.

This would see St Mungo’s RC PS permanently relocated within Alloa Academy and any prospect of building a new school shelved.

The consultation, live on Clackmannanshire Council’s website, reads: “St Mungo’s RC Primary School was decanted to Alloa Academy in April 2018, as a result of water ingress in the school and the impact on the health of children and staff.

“It is proposed to permanently relocate St Mungo’s RC Primary School within Alloa Campus, previously known as Alloa Academy.

“All of the information you provide will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the council’s Privacy Notice.”

At a meeting of the council on March 21, elected representatives heard of the advantages since relocating the school.

Putting it to a vote, the consultation was approved by an overwhelming 15-2, the only opposers being Cllr Craig Holden and George Marcinikiewicz, the religious representative for the Catholic Church.

Members of the St Mungo’s RC Primary School Parent Council have also opposed the move, previously telling the advertiser that “significant architectural changes” must be carried out if the move is made permanent.

They previously said: “The parent council will engage proactively with the process in order that the views of the school community are fully considered.

“We are clear that if the final decision is to remain within the Alloa Academy building, significant architectural changes will need to be made to maintain the school’s identity, preserve its legacy and ultimate offer the pupils the same primary school experience as others in Clackmannanshire.”

The consultation can be found here.